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Sian Kennedy

Dental Nurse

GDC 163874

In the dental realm, there's a nurse quite dandy,

Her name's Sian Kennedy, she's oh-so-handy.

But oh, her love for holidays grand,

Could make even a dentist understand.

With every chance she'll take a break,

To see Arctic Monkeys, for goodness sake!

She'll jet off far, she'll fly so high,

Just to hear Alex Turner's sigh.

"Sorry boss, gotta see my band,

Arctic Monkeys' gig, it's oh so grand!"

Her dental chair might feel forlorn,

While Sian's off, rockin' 'til dawn.

And when she's not chasing Arctic sounds,

She's lost in Florence's lyrical bounds. Babies named after band members? It's true!

Her love for Florence & The Machine shines through.

Little Florence, little Ceremonials too,

In the nursery, they'll rock and coo.

For Sian, it's not just dental hygiene,

But a world of melodies, seen and unseen.

So here's to Sian, our dental delight,

Who takes her holidays, day or night.

Arctic Monkeys and Florence's gleam,

In her world, they reign supreme!

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