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Over time, the loss of a tooth results in major effects caused by the shifting of teeth into the missing space, which can result in worsening appearance, food trapping, an uneven bite, and the accelerated loss of other teeth.

It is therefore always advisable to replace missing teeth shortly after removal to prevent these effects from occurring - a range of options is available. 


Available in an almost limitless range of sizes, shapes and configurations, dentures have the advantage of being removable, allowing the teeth to be cleaned more easily, and can have further teeth added to them at short notice.

£282.80 (NHS Band 3)

Adhesive Bridges 

These are suitable for shorter spaces involving one or two porcelain teeth supported by metallic wings, permanently fixed to the inner surfaces of adjacent teeth using strong cements.  Designed to be invisible to the onlooker, they require effective cleaning and maintenance to prevent future problems.

£282.80 (NHS Band 3)

Conventional Bridges 

Available in a variety of materials and designs, these offer an excellent balance of reliability, longevity, function and aesthetics. 

£282.80 (NHS Band 3) in selected cases

Private fees – starting from £300

A crown is a laboratory-made cap that sits over a weakened tooth, providing strength and safeguarding against the risk of catastrophic breakage that might require a tooth to be removed and leaving a gap.


Full Metal Crowns

Containing a mixture of gold, silver, zinc and copper, these crowns are fractions of a millimetre in thickness and therefore require the minimum amount of tooth to be cut away to make space for the crown. They can be requested in gold or silver colour and are available on the NHS.

£282.80 (NHS Band 3)


Porcelain-Bonded Crowns 

Where space is available, a thick layer of porcelain can be glazed over a thin metal base to produce a white-coloured crown.  They often require more tooth to be cut away to make sufficient space, which in alive teeth can cause a tooth to die – therefore where these are not recommended, a private charge will apply. In certain circumstances, age-related shrinkage of gum lines can reveal an unsightly grey line at the edge of these crowns.

£282.80 (NHS Band 3)

Private fees – from £250

Metal-Free Crowns

A premium option not available on the NHS, these crowns are made from extremely strong materials such as zirconia, offering an excellent balance of durability and superb appearances, often being indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Private fees – from £400

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