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Our face is made up of 43 muscles essential for the full range of facial expressions required to express ourselves.  However, these facial movements can sometimes lead to unsightly folds in the skin, which over time, can lead to permanent wrinkles.  Botox is a toxin that safely provides partial paralysis of these muscles, leading to a more beautiful expression and safeguarding against the longer term development of fine lines and wrinkles that might subsequently require dermal fillers to correct. 

 Starting from £150

Dermal Fillers


Over time, the layers of our face lose natural collagen that provides support and shape to the overlying skin, leading to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume to areas such as the lips. Dermal fillers, a mixture of synthetic collagen and hyaluronic acid, can be injected to remove lines and add volume where required.  We only use the highest quality CE marked dermal filler from UK registered pharmacy.

Starting from £175 as a guide price

subject to a consultation and assessment of individual treatment needs

Treatment of specific areas

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The treatment involves using a precise series of injections of dermal filler beneath the skin to smooth out lumps and bumps, enhance nose shape and restore balance to the face.


Tear trough correction 

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and we lose some of the collagen within it. These changes mean we lose some of the natural elasticity within the skin, which can enhance the appearance of blood vessels, lost volume and dark shadowing beneath the eyes. Reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and under-eye hollows with filler to create a fresh well rested appearance.

Jaw contouring

Create a more chiselled appearance with jaw filler. This can make the face look slimmer, enhance round faces and create an overall sleeker and more youthful appearance. 

Jawline fillers can also be used to treat age-related jowling and the appearance of loose or sagging skin around the neck, chin, and throat. 


Chin correction

Dermal Filler can be used on the chin to stiffen the skin and define the chin and jowl area, lessening the weakness of a weak chin. Chin filler can lengthen and enhance ones lower facial appearance creating a more balanced profile.


Marionette lines (lines running from mouth to chin)

These vertical lines can be very subtle at first but could deepen over time, giving the impression of a shadow between your cheek and chin, rather like a marionette puppet. This can give the impression of a frown or a scowl, even when you are happy. 

Marionette line fillers provide a solution to those that suffer from a sagging jawline and a drooping mouth.


Nasolabial folds (lines running from nose to mouth) 

Reduce the depth of your smile lines (giving a more contoured look),  the shadowing on your lower face that is caused by the deep line pockets, give your skin a more rejuvenated and rehydrated look (helping you to look years younger). 


Cheek Filler 

Filler to add contour and volume to the cheek area, smoothing out lines and providing a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Injections are administered into the areas under the skin around your cheekbones to give a more defined appearance to the cheekbone – a treatment that could leave you looking years younger.


Lip filler 

Lip fillers can add volume for a fuller lip or replace any that has been lost over time for a more youthful look. The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into your lips to achieve a natural, subtle volume and shape.

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