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The foundations for strong teeth lie in healthy gums, but over time the inevitable accumulation of tartar (limescale) and stains from coffee, tea, red wine and smoking can cause unsightly and unhealthy effects.


Despite this, regardless of age or wisdom, many of us do not know how to correctly and effectively clean our teeth and gums, resulting in bad breath, bleeding, sensitivity and the progression of gum disease that eventually leads to the unfortunate early loss of healthy teeth.


Our team of expertly trained dental hygienists and therapists use specialist skills and equipment to thoroughly clean every area of the mouth, in addition to providing you with tailor-made guidance and support to help you maintain your smile for a lifetime.


We also offer specialist air polishing.  This is a minimally invasive technique which uses a mixture of compressed air, water and fine powder to remove unsightly staining and harmful plaque from the teeth like a gentle jet wash.  Air polishing can also be used to gently clean underneath the gum line and around orthodontic wires/brackets, implants, crowns, bridges and conventional fillings.

- £50 for a 30-minute appointment, to include:

  • Detailed assessment to diagnose and monitor gum disease (including free x-rays if required)

  • Personalised hygiene advice in order to help you maintain your oral health at home

  • Full mouth ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque, limescale and tartar

  • Mechanical rotary polish with flavoured abrasive paste to remove stains

- An additional £25 for specialised air polishing for enhanced stain removal

- £65.20 (NHS Band 2) for a course of periodontal treatment (if appropriate and following a referral from an NHS dentist)

We also offer a composite bonding conditioning service to maintain your composite treatments at their best.  Combining hygiene therapy with specific composite maintenance techniques allows to produce the optimum appearance of your previous composite bonding treatment, and includes the following:

- Ultrasonic scaling and mechanical polishing for all the teeth

- Interdental cleaning and tailored oral hygiene instruction

- Composite polishing with specialised abrasive discs and diamond wheels

- Airflow polishing with high quality powders for enhanced stain removal

- Composite conditioning glaze to finish with a strong and stunning shine


Only £99

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